We build crates and turn them into unique gifts

About Us

It is very common for locals here in Humboldt to run around and gather local goodies from markets, pack them up and ship them off to friends and relatives to give them a taste of what they're missing! We think there is a better way.  JB Maryn was founded by Jodie Marynowski and Art Bromberg in 2012. As long time residents of Humboldt County we are proud of the things made here and love sharing them with everyone. We want to make it easy to get everything “Humboldt” that you could possibly want all in one place, including Redwoods!

Our crates are made from a mix of reclaimed old growth and new growth Redwood, so no two are alike. We use all types of Redwood, including heartwood, sapwood, curly, weathered, knots.  They are glued and fastened with stainless screws. Sanded and finished with local Bee Cream. They are built to last for years and years, the more they get used the more character they will have. Use them in the house to keep wine bottles in, or use them in the garage to haul tools around. Each Redwood crate is hand made piece by piece with love in Humboldt county.